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Yes, it is possible to place up to one hundred pounds of personal items in a box or single suitcase, which will be stored in the trunk of the car while it is being transported.
Yes, your car will be insured by the shipping company's cargo insurance by up to $1,000,000 cargo insurance.
You can leave online request on our website and/or you can call us at (865) 381-8015 and one of our available agents will serve your car shipment needs. In both cases, you will receive your car shipping quote to your email. All you need is the pick-up and delivery locations, vehicle make and model, as well as the pick-up date.
The following information is required to place an order: - Customer’s contact info (Full name, email address, phone number) - Exact addresses for the pick-up location and delivery location - Name and contact details of people available in pick-up and drop-off location - Desired pick dates - Vehicle info (the year, make, and model) - Vehicle condition (running or non-running)
There are many factors that affect overall price quote for your auto transportation. However the main factors include: - Vehicle make and model - Vehicle size and weight - Distance between locations - Any upgrades such as enclosed transport or expedited service - The time of year The cost increases if you decide to choose optional add-ons at the time of booking, such as top-load service or enclosed carrier
To ensure safe and secure shipping with professional car transport companies, your car should be cleaned and properly prepared. Clean the interior and exterior and leave a quarter tank of gas. Note any preexisting damages and remove personal items, unless there are specific reasons for keeping them with a signed agreement from the driver for an additional fee. A well-prepared car makes for an easier and smoother shipping experience with car transport companies.